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Banjul The Gambia 15KW Off Grid Solar System

Project Name:Banjul The Gambia 15KW Off Grid Solar System

Date:March, 2023

Project Type: Residential Solar Power System Project

Project Site:Banjul The Gambia

Quantity and specific configuration:1 set of 15KW Off-Grid Solar Power System

Description : This Anern 15kw off-grid solar power system project was used for personal house use. Faced with the cost of a grid infrastructure upgrade, the customer decided that going off grid was a much more reliable and cost-effective option. With the added bonus, he didn’t have to deal with power utilities or retailers by going off the grid.

After installing and using this 15kw solar system, the customer started his own solar business. He ordered a 20FT container solar panel from Anern directly.


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