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Smart Dimmable LED Bulb Light(OBL10-WF)

The model AN-OBL10-WF smart bulb is a new type of dimmable led light bulb developed by the Anern Group. As one of the mature LED bulbs wholesale suppliers in China, we use the core technology of the embedded Internet of Things. The intercommunication core module is embedded in the energy-saving light bulb. The Internet is ubiquitous, and the characteristics of the era of intercommunication and interaction at any time and anywhere have affected the development and evolution of energy-saving light bulbs. The design of Anern's LED smart dimmable light bulbs is the mainstream, and it fully reflects the ideologies of energy-saving, healthy, artistic, and humanized lighting. The development trend has become the dominant indoor lighting culture.

The Details of Smart Dimmable LED bulb Light(OBL10-WF)

Smart Dimming Light Bulbs

Mobile APP control operation, one-to-many control, group control

Smart Dimming Bulbs

DIY color selection, microphone function, music mode function

Dimmable Smart Bulb

This series of dimmable smart bulbs support Amazon Alexa, Google home, Tmall Jingling voice control at the same time

Smart Light Bulbs Dimmable

Support Apple Siri voice and widget control (Note: Siri requires Apple version 12.0 or above to be used)

The Production of Smart Dimmable LED bulb Light(OBL10-WF)

Anern supports LED bulb SKD components export and package box can be customized. With professional production experience and multi-layer strict quality inspection, best choice for wholesaler.

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