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LED High Bay Light

LED High Bay Light

Types of LED High Bay Light For Sale

High bay lights are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for different purposes. Here are some of the most popular high bay light fixture styles.

  • UFO LED High Bay Light/Round High Bay Light

Today's UFO LED high bay lights are very advantageous in every aspect. Complete replacement of metal halides at half the operating cost and twice the service life. The circular LED high bay also allows for a reflectorless design, which reduces bulky light housings. We have a selection of circular LED high bays in a variety of heights and application needs to provide the best lighting for your LED high bay applications.

  • Linear LED High Bay Light

Linear high bay lights are the best choice for large spaces with many aisles or shelves. You can install lights in both aisles to ensure every inch of your space is illuminated.

LED high bay light for sale is an important part of modern wholesale industrial high bay lighting. Traditional high bay light usually adopts 250W, 400W, and 500W halogen lamps, but the disadvantage of halogen lamps is 360° light-emitting and high light loss leads to huge energy waste. LED high bay light lighting is closely related to industrial production and led high bay lights for sale to have advantages of directional luminescence, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response, high seismic capacity, long service life, green environmental protection, etc. As a professional wholesale high bay led lights supplier, Anern researches and develops innovative LED high bay light which is high-efficiency, energy-saving, long-lifetime, high-color rendering index, and environmentally friendly.

Advantages of Anern LED High Bay Light

Advantages of Anern LED High Bay Light

  • Keep up with the market trend, new type UFO high bay lamp are recognized by customers and markets.

  • Adopts special explosion-proof design, stable performance, high safety rate.

  • Equipped with famous brand led driver and led chip, ensure continuous and stable working.

  • Provide professional DIALux simulation lighting design, scientifically assist customers to choose best lamp.

High Bay VS Low Bay LED Lights

While the high bay LED lights provide high lumens that can be used at high mounting heights, the low LED bay lights usually provide low lumens and can normally be used at low mounting heights. Unlike the low bay LED lights, the high bay linear LED lights can be widely used in industrial settings such as large warehouses, retail stores, stadiums, distribution centers, gyms, multipurpose rooms, sports centers, big boxes, and convention centers, commercial facilities open and stacked aisles.

How Many Led High Bay Lights Do I Need?

When installing LED high bay lights for warehouses, factories and garages, the three most important things that need to consider-- installation height, distance, and led light itself angle and lumen brightness. Professional wholesale high bay light LED light manufacturer will provide you with a detailed demand program。

  • Brightness:

10-15 feet high at 120 degrees require 14,000 lumens

14-20 feet high at 120 degrees require 21,000 lumens

20-30 feet high at 120 degrees require 35,000 lumens

Above 30 feet at 60, 90 or 120 degrees require 42,000+ lumens

  • Spacing:

The led high bay light space refers to the distance between light fixtures. It is responsible to dictate the optimal light level and lighting distribution. For instance:

Lights mounted at 20-ft are required to be 20-ft apart

Lights mounted at 35-ft are required to be 35-ft apart

How Do I Choose a High Bay Led Light?

When choosing LED high bay lights, we can choose and configure LED high bay lights according to visual requirements, warehouse operation nature and environmental conditions, so that the working area has reasonable illumination, colour rendering, suitable brightness distribution and a comfortable visual environment. Of course, choosing a reliable wholesale LED high bay lights supplier is equally important.

We can consider the following factors:

  • Energy saving: realize the intelligent control of the lighting system, and adopt dual-channel lighting in the warehouse, one channel can be closed during the day, and two channels can be opened at night.

  • Safety: Lighting lamps with dust-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-riot properties should be used to ensure the safe operation of lamps.

  • Long service life: The warehouse should not replace the lamps frequently, so as not to increase the maintenance cost in the later period. Choose lamps with long service life and high stability.

  • Warehouse height: The common ones are 13-20 feet for low-level warehouses, 20-49 feet for middle-level warehouses, and 49 feet for special high-rise warehouses.

  • Shelf height: The low-level warehouse shelf height is generally 7 feet, and the middle-level warehouse shelf height is generally 26 feet.

  • illumination requirements: In order to clearly identify commodities and labels, the minimum illumination on the ground cannot be lower than 80lux.

LED High Bay Light Reviews

Namibia     Olivier Kabukala
Namibia Olivier Kabukala

These 380 sets of LED high bay lights were provided to a local production workshop. The person in charge of the workshop received the batch of LED high bay lights said they are awesome! Excellent structure, high quality, and super bright light and thanks. Anern provide us with excellent service.

Lebanon    Fawaz Mourad
Lebanon Fawaz Mourad

These LED bay lights for sale are amazing. They were installed by our electrician about 500 ft up in our warehouse. WOW, you can see every square inch of our warehouse now. Super bright.


I purchased 215 sets of LED high bay lights from Anern and provided them to local 8 garage repair shops. People in the garage said that these LED bay lights are great and bright, and made them work more efficiently than before.

FAQS of Anern High Bay Linear LED Lights

FAQS of Anern High Bay Linear LED Lights

  • Q
    What product should I choose to change the lamp in my warehouse to LED high bay light?

    You could provide the installation height and layout of your existing lamps, then our sales will suggest best product for you based on your information.

  • Q
    Are the LED bay lights water-proof?

    LED high bay light is indoor light, it is generally not water-proof. But the design of our LED high bay light can meet IP65 water-proof grade.

  • Q
    How to adjust lighting scope of high bay linear led lights?

    This can be done by changing the angle of lampshade and lens. Expand lighting scope for big angle lampshade and increase vertical illumination for small angle lampshade.

  • Q
    How long do LED High Bay lights last?

    Anern's LED high bay lights can last 50,000 hours or more, making it low maintenance. Costly projects are a thing of the past.

    Anern's LED high bay lights come with a 5-year warranty. That's two years more than most other lamps on the market, and it guarantees you more time between lamp replacements, more production and savings.

  • Q
    Do LED high bay lights get hot?

    Of course, LED high bay lights also generate heat. When electrical energy is converted into light energy through LED semiconductor lamp beads, part of its energy will be generated in the form of heat energy. If the heat dissipation of the LED high bay light is not good, the LED chip will heat up quickly, and the long-term heat generation will cause the LED lamp beads to age, resulting in a linear decrease in the service life.

    Therefore, high-quality LED high bay lights generally use LED substrates with high thermal conductivity to increase heat dissipation and reduce weight. And the use of a customized heat dissipation integrated shell can not only increase the heat dissipation area but also take into account the heat dissipation of other internal electronic components, making it more reliable and stable.

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