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51.2V 100ah 200ah Solar LifePo4 Powerwall Lithium Battery Deep Cycle (AN-LPB-N)

The 5kwh 10kwh powerwall solar lithium battery is a wall-mounted battery pack that consists of a long-span lifepo4 solar battery and functional BMS. The powerwall solar system can store and release electric energy based on the requirements of the inverter controller. In the design, a wall-mounted solar lithium battery has added a long strip of working status display light. The solar powerwall lithium lifepo4 solar battery is mainly used to match solar energy storage systems, whether lifepo4 battery for solar storage is a household power supply system or a commercial power supply system.

The Details of Powerwall Solar Battery(AN-LPB-N)

brand-new a-level square lithium iron battery cell

Using brand-new A-level square lithium iron phosphate battery solar cells, the cycles are more than 6000 times under 95% DOD, which is twice as high as the cycle times of B-level batteries in the market, and this solar powerwall battery life is guaranteed for 8 years.

support 16 batteries connection in parallel

With the function of capacity expansion. Through batteries connection in parallel, the capacity of powerwall solar battery can be increased in times, and it can support 16 batteries connection in parallel in maximum to meet the needs of capacity requirement.

lcd display and led status indicator

With LCD display and LED status indicator, the LCD display can show various parameters of battery operation, and the LED indicator can display the working status of the powerwall solar battery in a more intuitive way.

battery management system

BMS (Battery Management System) can flexibly adjust the charge and discharge of the solar powerwall battery according to the actual use of the solar system, and protect the battery from overcharge and overdischarge.

Leading Features of Powerwall Lithium Solar Battery for Sale

◆ Modular design, small size, and lightweight;

◆ One key switch machine, the operation is more convenient;

◆ Suitable for long-term charge and discharge cycles;

◆ Adopt multi-level energy consumption management;

◆ Multiple parallel machines, automatic address acquisition without manual operation;

◆ Support high-current charging and discharging: 100A(2C) charging and discharging;

◆ Front operation and front wiring are convenient for installation and maintenance;

◆ Adopt high-performance processors, international brand devices, and high reliability;

◆ Multiple communication interfaces: RS485, RS232, CAN;

◆ Highly compatible BMS, seamless connection with energy storage inverter;

◆ Perfectly compatible with our inverter;

◆ Safety certification: CE, ROHS, UN38.3, MSDS, etc.

powerwall solar battery

Powerwall Solar Battery(AN-LPB-N) Specifications

(Floor type)
Battery TypeLiFePO4
Typical Capacity(AH)100AH200AH100AH200AH280AH
Typical Voltage(V)25.6V25.6V51.2V51.2V51.2V
Energy storage(Kwh)2.56Kwh5.12Kwh5.12Kwh10.24Kwh14.33Kwh
Voltage Working Range(V)22.4-29.2V22.4-29.2V44.8-58.4V44.8-58.4V44.8-58.4V
Working Temperature(°C)Charge: 0-+55°C
Discharge: -20-+60°C
Storage Temperature(°C)-20-+40°C
Standard Charge Current(A)0.5C
Max. Charge Current(A)100A100A100A200A200A
Max. Discharge Current(A)100A100A100A200A200A
SOC Accuracy<8%
IP GradeIP54
CommunicationRS232, RS485, CAN
CertificationsCE, ROHS, UN38.3, MSDS


The Production of Powerwall Solar Battery(AN-LPB-N)

Anern is a professional solar light manufacturer focusing on solar product production for more than 10 years. Our solar powerwall battery has the characteristics of stable performance and high quality. We offer top-quality 48v lithium solar batteries for sale and we also welcome solar powerwall battery including 48 volt lithium solar battery wholesale business partners around the world.  Anern powerwall solar lithium battery have been deployed in varied places. Mainly used in household, hospital, bank, airport, power plant, electric power system, solar energy storage system etc.

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