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12V 100ah-250ah Deep Cycle Solar Gel Battery

Solar lead-acid batteries are the longest-used battery in solar power generation. The currently widely used solar storage batteries mainly include solar lead-acid maintenance-free batteries and solar gel batteries. These two types of solar batteries are ideally suited for reliable solar power generation systems owing to their characteristics of inherent maintenance-free and less environmental impact. 

The Details of Solar Lead-acid battery

Solar Lead Acid Battery

Good deep cycle capability, with good overcharge and over-discharge capabilities.

Lead Acid Battery For Solar Storage

Long life, special process design, and long life battery guaranteed by a colloidal electrolyte.

Sealed Lead Acid Battery For Solar System

Suitable for different environmental requirements, such as batteries that can be used normally under different conditions such as high altitude, high temperature, and low temperature.

Lead Acid Solar Storage Batteries

Adopt ABS flame-retardant shell, high mechanical strength, not easy to deform and leak, and strong safety performance.

The Specification of Solar Lead-acid Battery

Item No.Capacity(AH)Voltage(V)Size(mm)Weight(KG)

The Production of Solar Lead-acid battery

Anern insists on innovating the craftsmanship spirit of enabling products to provide customers with professional lead-acid battery/gel battery/AGM battery solutions. Our professional technical personnel, through strict production process control, to provide customers with qualified products and professional technical services.

Difference Between Gel Battery And Lead Acid Battery

Solar lead-acid battery is the most commonly used type of battery in photovoltaic systems. Though the lead-acid battery has a relatively low energy density, moderate efficiency, and high maintenance requirements, it still has some irreplaceable advantages, such as a long lifetime and low costs compared to other battery types, such as LiFePO4 solar battery.

Gel batteries are one variety of deep cycle sealed cell lead-acid batteries (the other being AGM solar batteries). Both varieties are low-maintenance and suitable for intermittent use - making them a better choice for backup power and off-grid vacation cabins than flooded lead-acid batteries - but while similar, they are not identical. Gel batteries have a longer lifespan than lead-acid batteries. They maintain high performance until they reach end-of-life, at which point their performance simply drops. There's no degradation over time. In addition, the solar gel batteries are also with good overcharge and over-discharge capabilities.

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