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5.5KW Solar System Government Project for a Turtle Island

Project Name:5.5KW Solar System Government Project for a Turtle Island 

Date:March, 2021

Project Type:Off-grid Solar Power System Commercial Project 

Project Site:Malaysia 

Quantity and Specific Configuration:5KW Off-grid Solar Power System(10pcs 350W poly solar panels, portable generator which is hybrid solar inverter and battery (4 pcs 250AH) built together, cables and slope roof type mounting rack. Etc)

Description:We were approached by Malaysia customers on off-grid solar system solution for a Turtle island which is one of a tour site in Malaysia managed by local government. We offered a 5KW off-grid system according to project needs. The customer well received the goods in Jan. 2021, and completed installation in March. After being used for some time, the system worked well, and they thought highly of Anern solar power system.

5.5KW-Solar-System-Government-Project-for-a-Turtle-Island 5.5KW-Solar-System-Government-Project-for-a-Turtle-Island


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