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Nigerian 25KW Off-Grid Solar Power System-Hotel Project Feedback

Project Name: Nigerian 25KW Off-grid Solar Power System-Hotel Project Feedback

Project Time: Sep 2019

Project type: Off-grid Solar Power System Commercial Project

Installation Site: Nigeria

Project Specific Configuration: 25KW Off-grid Solar Power System

Description: The project is to provide an off-grid solar power system for a Nigerian business hotel. Due to the unstable power supply in the location, the hotel's daily operations are greatly affected. In order to keep the electricity supply in the absence of city power, the customer brought in an off-grid solar system to the hotel. According to the daily power consumption of the electric appliances and roof area of the hotel, Anern Solar offered our customers a 25kw solar system. The system solves the customer's daily power outage problem and saves the cost of electricity.

complete solar system price in nigeria complete solar system price in nigeria

nigerian off-grid solar system hotel project

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