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100KW On-Grid Solar Power System For Manufacturing Plant In China

Project Name: 100KW On-grid Solar Power System for the Manufacturing Plant in China

Project Time: Oct 2018

Project Type: Industrial solar power system project

Installation Site: China

Power and Specific Configuration: 100KW on-grid solar power system

Description: The project is to provide a solar power system for a manufacturing plant in China. The electricity cost of running the machines and equipment in the customer's factory accounts for a large part of the total expenditure every year, they hope to reduce the expenditure on electricity cost. Our company has many years of experience in the field of solar power generation, so customers hope us recommended proposal. Since China has a grid-connected policy, we recommend the on-grid solar power system to our customers. The electricity generated can not only be self-sufficient but also the surplus can be sold to the government.

100 kw on grid solar system 100 kw on grid solar system

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